The Qualifying Lap was first penned back in 2007 by Hobart radio personality and Formula 1 fanatic Ben Waterworth as a way to bring the world of Formula 1 to Hobart. After several failed attempts, The Qualifying Lap was finally given the green light and debuted on Edge Radio in Hobart on the 1st of June 2009 as The F1 Show. In 2011 Samuel McCrossen joined Ben as co-host and the show was rebranded The Qualifying Lap in February 2012.

As Australia’s only dedicated show to the worlds most prestigious motor sport, The Qualifying Lap brings Australian’s up to date with everything from the world of Formula 1. Although promoted as a spin-off of the highly successful and popular Edge Radio breakfast show The Brink, The Qualifying Lap’s only similarity with it’s predecessor is it’s host!

It’s host is Ben Waterworth, a staple of Hobart’s breakfast radio since 2004 and a die hard Formula 1 fan for over 20 years. His personality, humour and knowledge all help bring Australia and the world up to date with everything Formula 1 related every Monday afternoon. While some detest his love for Ferrari and his passion for the great Michael Schumacher, others see his diverse knowledge of the sport and varying opinions as a prime reason to keep coming back week after week.

Samuel McCrossen has similarly been following F1 since a young age and has added his knowledge, passion and own sense of style to the show since 2011 and been an integral part ever since.

With all these elements added to the highly addictive world of Formula 1, The Qualifying Lap looks set to remain a staple part of Australian radio for some time to come!


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