Telemetry Issues Still Hampering Cars


The FIA has confirmed here in Sepang that it is still experiencing the issues with its telemetry link up with the cars that occurred at last weekend’s Australian Grand Prix.

The telemetry link is used by the FIA to issue information to the drivers through the car steering wheels, which includes information relating to flags.

The issue means that driver will have to be increasingly aware of trackside flag, such as yellow and blue flags warning of danger, or faster cars on the circuit. When the system is working correctly, the drivers will be warned on their steering wheels through different coloured lights.

The telemetry link also affects the use of the DRS system, which enables race control to switch the use of the system on and off at the start of the race and when a race may be affected by bad weather. The glitch means that during the Malaysian Grand Prix, driver will have to be reminded by their teams when they may use the DRS system and when it must be switched off, such as when a safety car is on the circuit.

The FIA hopes to have the glitches corrected in time for the Chinese Grand Prix in two weeks time.


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