Saturday Colour & Autograph Hunting


Arrived at the Albert Park circuit early this morning with my good friend and The Qualifying Lap co-host Ben Waterworth and observed some of the drivers entering the circuit for qualifying for the big race. The drivers were a lot more focused and tense today as things ramp up towards the crucial first qualifying session of the 2013 season.

Sebastian Vettel the three time world champion was by far the most relaxed driver and again showed his class by spending a good 10 minutes sighing autographs for fans. Nothing seems to be troubling Vettel here this weekend.


Most concerning this morning was the arrival of a number of collectors, who are attending the event with the primary aim of selfishly gathering autographs in order to gain financial advantage. This has prevented a number of fans from gaining signatures from their hero’s for their own keepsake. Hopefully the Australian Grand Prix Corporation and Formula 1 Management may do something in future to reduce the impact of these practices to ensure that everyone has access to the sports stars.

Other notable occurrences

– Kimi Raikonnen finally signed some autographs for fans and even told Ben that he ate and ice cream this morning

– Romain Grosjean stole my pen!


– Ben and I had our time in the sun this morning being interviewed by Network Ten for its F1 coverage, with the topic of conversation being the driver we were most keen to get an autograph from (Kimi Raikkonen). Ben was then interviewed by Swedish TV, giving his prediction that Mark Webber would break through for his first Australian Grand Prix victory.



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