Ross Brawn Future In Doubt


With Paddy Lowe leaving McLaren and rumoured to be heading to Mercedes, Ross Brawn is once again facing fresh rumours that he will depart the German squad as team principal at the end of the year.

It was reported last month that Brawn wouldn’t work at the team if Lowe was recruited, and given now that Lowe seems destined to arrive at Mercedes, Brawn now looks likely he won’t be at the team in 2014.

Mercedes new non-executive Niki Lauda however was quick to squash the rumours.

“I cannot officially say anything because nothing has happened yet,” Lauda said. “If Paddy Lowe is coming or not, I cannot tell you now. Make up your own [mind], whatever you want to do. The situation is as it is. McLaren have put him on gardening leave, so let’s wait and see. To be clear, Ross has not even been discussed, which is an important thing. But there’s peace. Ross is in his position, he will stay in his position, so everything is under control, there is nothing to make out of this.”


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