Bernie Ecclestone Spruiks Melbourne For Australian Grand Prix


F1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone has spoken out in his support for Melbourne remaining the host of the Australian Grand Prix to the official Australian Grand Prix Podcast.

The city has hosted the Grand Prix since 1996 and is currently slated to host it until 2015. Controversy often surrounds Melbourne as the Grand Prix host with politicians, residents and protesters often speaking out against the race in the lead up to the event.

But Ecclestone, who has previously warned the city might lose the Grand Prix, wants to see the race remain in Australia’s sporting capital.

“We hope we’re going to be in Melbourne forever,” he said. “We’re happy with Melbourne and I’d be happy to sign a 50-year contract. We don’t have a problem with Melbourne. I understand we do get a little bit of criticism. I don’t know why. You start wondering are we really wanted in Melbourne? It appears to be (wanted) now; whenever these sorts of things happen I’m told, ‘Don’t be silly about that, it’s just one or two people making a noise. We’re happy for Formula One to be there.”

The Australian Grand Prix takes place from March 14th to 17th at Albert Park in Melbourne. Visit for more details. The Qualifying Lap will once again be covering the race for our listeners and readers.


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