No Pressure on Red Bull


After three consecutive Drivers and Constructors Championships, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner believes there is no pressure on his team as the 2013 season gets ever closer.

With Sebastian Vettel becoming the youngest triple World Champion in 2012, Horner believes that despite Red Bull being the benchmark of the sport for the last three years, there isn’t as much pressure as there was in previous seasons.

“In many respects the pressure is off us because we’ve achieved a triple double World Championship,” Horner said. “Nobody can take that away from us, that’s in the history books.

“But we put the pressure on ourselves because we want to continue that run of success. Of course, going into the season as reigning champions, you’re there to be beaten, you’re there to be shot at. But it’s something we’ve got used to over the last couple of years. Pressure is part of this business, its part of this sport.

“In many respects we go into 2013 more relaxed than previous years because of what we have achieved. I think the team has continued to grow and continued to evolve and we’re in a good position to deal with that pressure.”


(Image copyright Getty Images)


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