‘Formula One Has Become an Auction" – Alguersuari


Former Formula 1 driver Jaime Alguersuari has spoken out against pay drivers as the topic continues to cause debate in the Formula 1 paddock.

The former Toro Rosso racer and tester was hoping to secure a seat on the 2013 grid but missed out, and will remain as a test driver for Pirelli this season. The Spanish racer is disappointed with the amount of pay drivers in the sport and said it’s difficult for some to raise money.

“I never imagined that after Red Bull’s incomprehensible decision not to count on me in 2012 I would have to fight so much outside the track,” he said. “I have been convinced most of the 2012 season that my seat was secured in a team that usually scores. They did tell me and I believed it to be true. Those who committed themselves with me have given me reasons that I must accept but that I do not share. F1 has become an auction.”

Alguersuari also said he believes his talent is justifiable enough to see him at the top level in the sport.

“Although Spain’s economy is in the worst shape in our modern history, and except for Banco Santander no other company considers Formula One as a profitable and sustainable business, I know how old I am, I know my track record and I’m convinced that I deserve a winning car in F1.”


(Image copyright Daily Telegraph)


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