Brundle Excited To See New Talent


Former Formula 1 driver and current Sky Sports commentator Martin Brundle is excited to see a wide variety of new drivers on the grid in 2013.

With controversy brewing this week over the amount of ‘pay drivers’ in the sport at the expense of more experienced drivers, Brundle says it’s good to be able to see new talent coming through in Formula 1.

“I looked at Esteban Gutierrez in his overalls and I thought: ‘Well that’s going to be interesting, how’s he going to go?’,” Brundle said. “If it had been Kobayashi, you’d pretty much know how he was going to go: he’d be amazing from time to time, pull off a few great overtakes, and be on the missing list for the rest of the season.”

Brundle also spoke out about experienced drivers missing out on seats in 2013 and said it’s the business of the sport.

“It’s sad isn’t it, but it’s the business. I’ve always said: it’s really hard to get to Formula One and it’s even harder to stay there. They all had their chances to shine. Maybe that sounds a bit brutal, but they had their chances to shine. Just like when I got kicked out of F1, you had your chances, nothing else was there and it’s about the fresh blood.”

With only one seat up for grabs, there are already five confirmed rookies starting on the 2013 Formula 1 grid.


(Image copyright SkySports)


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