Coulthard Slams Anti-Grand Prix Protestors


Two-time Australian Grand Prix winner David Coulthard has spoken out against the races detractors, saying they are ‘small minded’ and ‘selfish’.

Coulthard, who won the race for McLaren in 1997 and 2003, told the official Australian Grand Prix podcast Keeping Track that he finds it disappointing that some Australian’s weren’t as tolerant of the race as they should be.

“If people want to be small-minded and not look beyond their personal needs, then that’s disappointing,” he said. “It’s a great race track within the Albert Park facility, and for the one week of inconvenience where people don’t get the access, then I think they shouldn’t be so selfish, quite frankly.”

“There’s lots of things that I don’t particularly appreciate in life, but I don’t go campaigning against it as I understand there’s a lot of people that do like it.”

The race at Albert Park often comes under strong debate at this time of year from politicians, protest groups and local residents as recent claims the race is costing over $30 million in licensing fees for Victorians has seen fresh calls for the race to be scrapped.

However despite these claims, Coulthard says the positives outweigh any negatives.

“The license fee that has to be paid … nothing comes for nothing, and license fees get paid to other sporting events,” he said. “It’s a truly international event, Melbourne is already on the world map and it’s a great city, but having the Grand Prix there doesn’t do any harm to the local economy.”

The Australian Grand Prix takes place between the 14th and 17th of March. Tickets are still available via


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One response to “Coulthard Slams Anti-Grand Prix Protestors

  1. Seriously, who cares about this stupid hoon fest anymore? Stick it out at Calder Park or Sandown so the rest of us dont have to put up with the bogans

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