Byrne Working on 2014 Ferrari


Retired former Ferrari driver Rory Byrne is helping his former team design its 2014 car, the team announced during the week.

The South African who was instrumental in helping Ferrari create the most dominant period in the sports history in the early 2000s has been retired since 2006 but has provided assistance to the team ever since. He was spotted at the launch of the F138 and rumours had been circulating that Byrne was once again involved within the team.

A Ferrari spokesman confirmed that he was providing “operational support” for the 2014 car as well as working heavily on Ferrari’s road car project.

The 2014 season will see a vast amount of changes to the sport, and Ferrari has already announced they have two design teams to work on next years and this year’s car.

Byrne was instrumental in not only Ferrari’s success, but also Michael Schumacher’s, as Byrne also oversaw Schumacher’s Benetton career and won all his 91 races in cars designed by Byrne.


(Image copyright F1Fanatic)


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