Mercedes Failure To Launch


Mostly likely not the start Mecedes wanted in the lead up to its launch, the F1 Team suffered a very public technical failure.

In a bid to engage fans in the midst of the f1 launch hype, Mercedes AMG Pertronas F1 team chose a somewhat unique way to reveal the F1 WO4 yesterday.

This took the form of an image of a garage that behind the silver garage door would be the F1WO4 as a reward if fans showed enough interest. The team took to twitter and said that, for every tweet with the hashtag #F1WO4reveal, an image of a virtual garage door would inch higher and reveal the prize which was an early preview of the soon to be launch F1WO4.

It appeared that they showed too much of an interest, though, as the website promptly collapsed under the strain and come to a grinding stop. Instead of the Silver Arrow in which Lewis Hamilton will make his debut for the team, visitors were met with a stark black screen and the words: “We regret to inform you that a problem did occur. We are working on solving it to make the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Website available again.”


I’m sure this was a reliability problem even though Lewis Hamilton would have wanted to avoid it.

After numerous tweets during the space of an hour from the Silver Arrows team explaining the technical problems, apologies for the tech outage and thanking fans for staying with them while they swap servers, they promised to get back online as soon as possible.

The website currently is back up and running waiting for the fans to tweet the garage door open. Lets hope the official launch of the F1W04 in Jerez goes smoother than the earlier failed attempt.


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