Sauber Launch the C32


Sauber tonight became the latest team to launch their 2013 car, with the C32 being launched in Switzerland.

One of the most visually different cars so far in 2013, the car comes complete with a new dark grey livery as well as a stepped nose if viewed from the front. The sidepods are also vastly different, and combined with a coanda-style exhaust, the new C32 is an impressive looking machine.

Both of the teams new signings for 2013 in Nico Hulkenberg and Esteban Gutierrez helped pull the covers off at their Hinwil factory, and new team principal Monisha Kaltenborn hopes the car will continue on from the success the team had in 2012.

“The aim is very clear and simple: We want to continue to improve ourselves,” she said. “The key factor for this is the car so the Sauber C32 is based on its predecessor which was a very competitive car. It had a lot of strengths and a few weaknesses and the engineers focused on building further on these strengths and eliminating the weaknesses. I’m confident that the entire team has done a very good job.”

17372 Hulkenberg, who is coming off a successful return to Formula 1 with Force India in 2012, hopes that his new team can help him continue to move forward in the sport.

“The Sauber F1 Team made significant progress last year from 2011,” he said at the launch. “Now the team is ready to take the next step, and I want to play my part in making that happen. My personal aim is to put in a good, steady performance this season.”


Gutierrez, who will be one of four rookies in 2013, is coming off a third placed finish in GP2 last season and is eagerly awaiting the season start in Melbourne on March the 17th.

“I’m really looking forward to my first season in F1,” he said.”My long association with the Sauber F1 Team has given me the chance to understand the complexity of F1. But I also realise, of course, that I still have a huge amount to learn. I will be working flat out to adapt to the whole F1 environment as quickly as possible and, if things open up during races, I want to make sure I’m ready to take full advantage.”


Sauber had their most successful season in the sport last season, finishing with four podiums and sixth in the Constructors Championship.


(Images copyright Sauber)


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